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mspg - magic static page generator

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transforms a src directory into a github hosted gh-pages branch.

npm i --save mspg/core

mspg comes as a single executable file.

mspg [TASKS]...

available tasks:
clean   - deletes the public directory
build   - builds the src dir to public
serve   - serves the public dir
zip     - gzips the public dir using zopfli
connect - connects the git repository to it's gh-pages branch
publish - publishes the current HEAD to github/gitlab pages
help    - this help text
cli usage examples:
# production build
NODE_ENV=production mspg clean build zip 
# development (build files, watch for changes, and serve them on localhost:3000)
mspg build serve watch
example app

a minimal example app is in the example directory of this repository, using config.js from the root directory

example app on

the example app is published to the gh-pages branch. it is hosted @

using html/css/javascript transpilation

writing transpilers for any kind of toolchain is pretty easy, just have a look at the examples below to get started if you want to use another toolchain. every transpiler also includes a minimal example project in the example directory.


both html toolchains below follow the same rules:

  • every *.html file in the src/ directory is a page and gets transpiled to public/

  • every includes/html/*.extension file is an include file and can be included using /filename.extension

  • every includes/html/*.extension file can also be a template file. using extend you can reuse a html template in both pug and posthtml.

  • pug

  • posthtml