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This git repository contains the genetic information for Manu Sporny
extracted using the Illumina OmniExpress Plus Genotyping Beadchip.
The main data file contains roughly 1 million genetic markers that
identify things like eye color, resistance to certain diseases,
carrier status of other diseases such as glaucoma, certain types of
cancers, obesity, how susceptible I am to Multiple Sclerosis and other
important health markers that could be used to prevent health issues
in the future.
I am releasing this data because I believe that it will help others.
One way that it could help is that it gives Computer Scientists and
Bio-Engineers some raw test data to work with that is around 99% accurate.
Just having real data to work with is important when writing Open Source
software and there is very little good Open Source software for genomics
research right now. I hope that by releasing this data, and with the
planned release of some open source software to work with this data in
real-time, that we will help move this exciting new industry forward.
You can read more about why I chose to release my genetic data here:
To the extent possible under law, Manu Sporny has waived all copyright and
related or neighboring rights to Manu Sporny's Genetic Data from This work is published from: United States.
I am releasing the genetic data held in this repository under a
Creative Commons Public Domain License (CC0). You can read more about
this license here:
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