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A BibTeX source for unite.vim

The keys of the selected candidates are inserted at the cursor.

BibTeX files are listed in the variable g:unite_bibtex_bib_files. The buffer-specific variable b:unite_bibtex_bib_files overrides this. Multiple BibTeX files can be passed to both.

Citations are by default inserted in pandoc's citation format (e.g. @SomeKey93; @AnotherKey94). You can change this, on a per buffer basis, by setting the variables:

  • let b:unite_bibtex_prefix = '\citet{
  • let b:unite_bibtex_postfix = '}
  • let b:unite_bibtex_separator = ', '

Parsing BibTeX databases is computationally intensive, so the source caches the results. The cache is updated if the underlying BibTeX file has been changed. The cache directory is set by g:unite_bibtex_cache_dir. This variable must be set for the source to work.



  1. Install bibtexparser: pip2 install bibtexparser
  2. Install unite
  3. Install this plugin (e.g. via vim-plug)
  4. Set variable: let g:unite_bibtex_bib_files=['/path/to/your/bib/file1.bib']
  5. Set variable: let g:unite_bibtex_cache_dir='/path/to/your/temp_dir'
  6. :Unite bibtex in vim
  7. :messages to see any errors or warnings from the BibTeX parser


The following variables can be set:

  • g:unite_bibtex_bib_files, b:unite_bibtex_bib_files <-- at least 1 of these must be set
  • g:unite_bibtex_cache_dir <-- must be set
  • b:unite_bibtex_prefix, if not set assumes '@'
  • b:unite_bibtex_postfix, if not set assumes ''
  • b:unite_bibtex_separator, if not set assumes '; '


This plugin includes a separate Python executable, bibwatch.

bibwatch runs in the background in the terminal and watches for changes to selected BibTeX files. Once it detect a change, it updates the corresponding unite-bibtex cache. This means your Unite bibtex source in vim will be populated with zero or minimal lag, even for very large BibTeX databases.

bibwatch is in unite-bibtex/pythonx/core inside the unite-bibtex plugin. Go to this directory in the terminal to run ./bibwatch.py Pass paths to any BibTeX files you want watched. Pass your cache directory (as defined in g:unite_bibtex_cache_dir) as the value of --cache. For example:

./bibwatch.py /path/to/your/bib/file1.bib /path/to/your/bib/file2.bib --cache /path/to/your/temp_dir

Press Control+C to terminate bibwatch.


You can correct your .bib file with pybtex:

pip2 install pybtex
pybtex-convert /path/to/your.bib out.bib

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Release notes

  • 1.0 (25 September 2015):
    • new: implement bibwatch, separate executable
    • new: implement persistent cache
    • new: support multiple BibTeX files
    • new: support buffer local and global settings
    • new: configuration variables for prefix, postfix, and separator for citations
    • fix: refactor code base
    • fix: update to work with latest version of bibtexparser
    • breaking change: BibTeX files now set with new variable g:unite_bibtex_bib_files