Scripts and data from Rich et al. (2016)
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These are scripts from

Matthew S Rich, Celia Payen, Alan F Rubin, Giang Ong, Monica R. Sanchez, Nozomu Yachie, Maitreya J Dunham, and Stanley Fields. "The effects of cis-regulatory mutations in the SUL1 gene on yeast sulfate-limited fitness" Genetics (2016) DOI: 10.1534/genetics.116.188037

Included in this repository are:

enrich/ -- this folder contains scripts from the Enrich software package which were used to all initial analyses of barcode counts. These scripts are preliminary versions of the Enrich software published in [1], which have more complex normalization and regression functionality. -- this script takes output of enrich's barcode frequency analysis and creates the plots found in the Figure 2. -- this script genotypes paired-end reads from combinatorial mutations experiments. The output of this script is then analyzed using a simple bash workflow:

sort OUTPUT | uniq -c | awk '{OF="\t"}{print $2, $1}'

which creates files to use with 6mut_analysis.R.

6mut_analysis.R -- R script to perform analysis of combinatorial mutations experiments. The workflow of this analysis is the same as that found in enrich/. -- this script enumerates all single mutations of a given sequence, and was used to create the in silico sequences used for cryptic transcription factor binding site analysis (Figure X). -- this script parses FIMO output to determine the statistic (log2(p_wt)/log2(p_mut)) used in Figure S5 for every matching motif.

p_diff-v-fitness.R -- this script creates plot found in Figure S5, including coloring points based on their annotations from this paper. -- A small library of Python utilities to work with FASTQ files.

RICH2016_FILE-S2.bz2 -- A bzipped file containing all raw data files (tab-delimited tables of data for each promoter variant; the output of Enrich)

Raw reads used in the analyses in this manuscript can be found at SRA Bioproject ID PRJNA273419.

[1] -- Alan F Rubin, Terry Speed, and Douglas M Fowler. in prep.