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The web site for the Microsoft Regional Directors (MS RD), a global community of independent Microsoft ambasadors.

The Microsoft Regional Directors program is an elite group of 130 technology professionals recognized worldwide by Microsoft for their leadership, presentation skills, and knowledge of emerging technologies, technology strategy and business.


Prototype Branch

Latest deploy of the Prototype branch:

This is the working branch for the first full release of the RD web site. It includes these features:

  • an interactive map of the RDs
  • a full, searchable list of RDs
  • news articles
  • logo details

Technical details about the RD site

  • HTML5 and CSS3, naturally
  • Hosted on Azure as part of their preview "web site"
  • Node.js and Express for minimal routing and layout engine
  • Content marked up as Jade (HTML), Stylus (CSS) and Markdown (text)
  • No client-side Javascript (yet)
  • Git for source control; change sets pushed to Azure via git push
  • Source will be on github

Getting Started

  • npm install
  • npm install -g bower <-- Installs the Bower client side package manager
  • bower install <-- Brings in local copies of needed dependencies (ex: jquery)
  • grunt <-- Builds/Compiles/MagicStuff and launches browser to test site

How-to: Update the list of RDs

Fork the project from this repository and create a new branch for your changes. Make changes in your new branch and then send a pull request to this repository.

Important: Update only the rdlist.yaml file. Don't touch rdlist.json as it is generated automatically.

Stretch goals for the site

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