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This is a metrics exporter for sending statistics from sabnzbd ( to prometheus ( Example scrape configurations and a grafana dashboard can be found in Examples


This exporter is configured by environment variables. There are 2 required environment variables

  • SABNZBD_BASEURLS - Comma seperated list of sabnzbd servers to connect to in the fomat http://<sabnzbd host/ip>:<port>/sabnzbd
  • SABNZBD_APIKEYS - Comma seperated list of API keys. Positionally each API key must be for the same server as in the equivilent position of the SABNZBD_BASEURLS

(Previously this module only supported a single server and so the environment variables were not pluralized SABNZBD_BASEURL & SABNZBD_APIKEY these values are still supported for backwards compatibility but the plural versions are preferred)


  1. Create a new python virtual env python3 -m venv .venv
  2. Install the required modules into your venv ./.venv/bin/pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Start the server locally
SABNZBD_BASEURLS=http://<sabnzbd host/ip>:<port>/sabnzbd SABNZBD_APIKEYS=<apikey> ./.venv/bin/python3

Running using docker

docker run \
   -e SABNZBD_BASEURLS=http://<sabnzbd host/ip>:<port>/sabnzbd \
   -e SABNZBD_APIKEYS=<apikey> \
   -p 9387:9387 \
   -d --restart=always \
   -n sabnzbd_exporter \

Exported Metrics

Common Labels

  • sabnzbd_instance
Name Description Metric Type Labels
sabnzbd_download_bytes Total data download Gauge period
sabnzbd_server_download_bytes Data download quantity by server Gauge server, period
sabnzbd_queue_size Length of the current download queue Gauge
sabnzbd_queue_download_rate_bytes_per_second Curent download rate Gauge
sabnzbd_queue_remaining_bytes Queue bytes remaining Gauge
sabnzbd_queue_total_size_bytes Queue total size bytes Gauge
sabnzbd_queue_remaining_seconds Estimated queue time remaining Gauge
  • Period label values (total,day,week,month)