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yaml2sh: Parses simple yaml into shell format

I found myself having the need for declaring simple properties files quite often and while writing simple shell variables into a file and sourcing that often works well, it's not always as readable as I'd wish. Because of this, I wrote an awk script that will read a specified file and output a format suitable for shell consumption.


  1. Download yaml2sh
  2. Make it executable: chmod +x yaml2sh


Parsing a file to stdout

yaml2sh myfile

Parsing a file, storing the result in another file

yaml2sh myfile > somefile

Parsing a file and sourcing the result to shell variables

source `yaml2sh myfile`

YAML support

The yaml2sh script can't parse any YAML, it only supports a subset. This may change in the future.

Key/value pairs:

Simple key value pairs will be turned into simple variables, where the key is variable name (verbatim) and the value is, well, the value.

key: value

Inline lists:

Inline lists are supported and will be outputted as a simple shell array.

key: [value1, value2, value3]
key=( "value1" "value2" "value3" )