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Parallel Streaming Wasserstein Barycenters

This repository contains the supporting code for the paper:

Matthew Staib, Sebastian Claici, Justin Solomon, Stefanie Jegelka. Parallel Streaming Wasserstein Barycenters. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31, 2017.

 author = {Staib, Matthew and Claici, Sebastian and Solomon, Justin and Jegelka, Stefanie},
 title = {Parallel Streaming {Wasserstein} Barycenters},
 booktitle = {Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31},
 year = {2017}




Getting started

  1. Edit the Makefile to point to your local copys of the dependencies.
  2. Compile the main barycenter function via make barycenter_mpi.
  3. Then experiments are run by calling barycenter_mpi with various arguments. We include example shell scripts and Full explanation of the various parameters can be found below (and also in parse_args.cpp:
e,experiment --  Which experiment to run (skin,vmf,logit,gaussian) (the first two were run for the paper)
s,subsets --  Number of subsets to split into (for WASP)
k,skip --  Number of timesteps between MCMC samples
N,support --  Number of support points
o,outdir --  Output directory for .h5 files
d,saveincrement --  How often to save .h5 files
a,stepsize --  Stepsize for gradient ascent
w,movingwindow --  Width of histogram moving window (or 0 to keep full history)
m,driftrate --  Rate of drift of VMF distributions
b,burniniters --  Number of burn-in iters for MCMC chain
f,fullsampler --  Whether to get samples from the full MCMC chain
p,datapoints --  Number of datapoints to use (for the skin example; useful for testing more quickly)
  1. Plots can then be generated via the included Matlab scripts (be sure to point these scripts to your output directory!). Specifically,
  • skin_wasp_compare compares our stochastic approach to the standard linear programming barycenter algorithm for WASP.
  • plot_cpp_output_vmf produces output images for our Von Mises-Fisher experiments
  • plot_cpp_output_skin gives some example diagnostic plots for the UCI experiments
  • the scripts in scripts produce convergence plots of our barycenter estimate for the UCI experiments