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A single source project messageboard built using php3, jquery, javascript,mysql, ajax, html5, css. I built this because I was tired of project after project artifacts being spread across, documents, emails, IM's, Text messages, Stored on laptops, On share drives etc. --So I began development of a single source Project Communication system. ------Still in the enhancement stages, but arent all applications. Complete with the following: Add Content Messages, Add Content Message Threads, Add User, Add resource group (with admin permissions), Edit User (with admin permissions), Edit group (with admin permissions), Send SMS messages, Send Emails, Search Content Messages,

To Add: File Upload, Task Management, ---Add, Update, Assign, Reassign, Track

Set up is pretty easy, drop the files in the site directory, Ensure mysql is installed, Create a blank database named "project_communication" (pay very close attention in the event your hosting provider prepends the dbname) Edit the config file in the library directory edit the session vars to reflect your domain, emails, etc. edit the dbsettings file in the database directory with your host, user, dbname, and password. edit the set-up.sql script by replacing and password with whatever you choose.