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+# arrayDB
+I've seen many PHP ORM libraries. Most of them makes you write a new class for each item you want to keep in DB. This seems repetition of same things to me. Extending this, extending that for no different logic.
+Items have fields of data in similar kind and have similar relations among. So a well-written class can be used for all. If you need somthing makes things easier, this is my approach.
+arrayDB ORM library has only 5 classes. You mostly use a singleton of one, others used internally, that's all. Caching and keeping cache synchronised with DB is all automated. You don't need to keep track of these.
+To start using this library, you have to do 3 simple definitions.
+- Define your data model (what items you need to keep, what are their fields and relations with each other).
+- Define your MySQL access.
+- Define your cache config.

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