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define your data model using array configs, reach your data as arrays.

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arrayDB, new easy PHP ORM

Define your data model as an array, reach your data as an array.

For a complete example, please have a look at this folder.

For a sneak peak, follow the document.

Simple usage

Getting some relational data

foreach($adb->id_list('user') as $uid) {
    $user=$adb->load('user', $uid);
    echo 'User Name: ' . $user['name'] . "<br />\n";

    foreach ($user['friend'] as $fid) {
        $friend=$adb->load('user', $fid);
        echo 'Friend Name: ' . $friend['name'] . "<br />\n";

    echo "<br />\n";

Adding / updating some data

$uid1=$adb->create('user', array('name'=>'Mustafa'));

$user1=$adb->load('user', $uid1);

// no save needed, data saved automatically

Setting relations

$uid2=$adb->create('user', array('name'=>'Mustafa'));

$adb->relate('user', 'friend', $uid1, $uid2);

Removing items

$adb->delete('user', $uid1);
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