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django-cas-provider is a provider for the Central Authentication Service. It supports CAS version 1.0 and parts of CAS version 2.0 protocol. It allows remote services to authenticate users for the purposes of Single Sign-On (SSO). For example, a user logs into a CAS server (provided by django-cas-provider) and can then access other services (such as email, calendar, etc) without re-entering her password for each service. For more details, see the CAS wiki and Single Sign-On on Wikipedia.


To install, run the following command from this directory:

python install

Or, put cas_provider somewhere on your Python path.


  1. Add 'cas_provider' to your INSTALLED_APPS tuple in
  2. In, set LOGIN_URL to '/cas/login/' and LOGOUT_URL to '/cas/logout/'
  3. In, put the following line: (r'^cas/', include('cas_provider.urls')),
  4. Create login/logout templates (or modify the samples)