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Explain that automatically rerunning configure from any subdir
is maybe not a good idea, but if you want to support it, need
to cd to top_srcdir first.

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From the autosetup v0.6.2 User Manual...

autosetup is a tool, similar to autoconf, to configure a build system for the appropriate environment, according to the system capabilities and the user configuration.

autosetup is designed to be light-weight, fast, simple and flexible.

Notable features include:

  • Easily check for headers, functions, types for C/C++
  • Easily support user configuration options
  • Can generate files based on templates, such as Makefile.in => Makefile
  • Can generate header files based on checked features
  • Excellent support for cross compilation
  • Replacement for autoconf in many situations
  • Runs with either Tcl 8.5+, Jim Tcl or just a C compiler (using the included Jim Tcl source code!)
  • autosetup is intended to be distributed with projects - no version issues

autosetup is particularly targeted towards building C/C++ applications on Unix systems, however it can be extended for other environments as needed.

autosetup is not:

  • A build system
  • A replacement for automake
  • Intended to replace all possible uses of autoconf

Try: ./autosetup --help or ./autosetup --reference

Or view the manual on github at:


Quick Start

To install autosetup into your project, 'cd' to the top level of your project and run:

<path-to-autosetup>/autosetup --install

Once autosetup is installed, create auto.def, run:


To migrate an autoconf-enabled project to autosetup: