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Salvatore Sanfilippo <>
with the help (patches, bug reports, ideas, extensions) of:
Pat Thoyts
Clemens Hintze
See also the ChangeLog and README files for other credits.
some of the idea inside Jim are the fruit of long discussions
inside the Tclers chat room. The feedback of the Tcl
comunity in general, and of the members of the Tcl Core Team, was
very important to avoid mistakes: I used the great experience of
this people as a test for some of the ideas I put into Jim.
Bad ideas tend to be demolished in no time by good engineers.
Also the following ideas are due to the following authors:
- Jim locals were originally proposed by Miguel Sofer, I (SS) added
the feature that make they similar to lexical scoped closures
using capturing of the local variables value if no explicit
intialization is provided.
- The [lmap] command is my (SS) design, but I incorporated inside the
command an interesting idea of Donal K. Fellows that proposed that
the [continue] command may be used to skip the accumulation of the
current-iteartion result, providing in one command the power of
[map] and [filter] together.
ChangeLog committers to be identified. Tentative list:
antirez - Salvatore Sanfilippo <>
patthoyts - Pat Thoyts <>
oharboe - Øyvind Harboe -
Andrew Lunn <>
Duane Ellis <>
Uwe Klein <>
Clemens Hintze aka chi