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# vim:se syn=tcl:
define JIM_VERSION 77
options-defaults {
silent-rules 1
# Note: modules which support options *must* be included before 'options'
use cc cc-shared cc-db cc-lib pkg-config util
use local
options {
utf8 => "include support for utf8-encoded strings"
lineedit=1 => "disable line editing"
references=1 => "disable support for references"
math => "include support for math functions"
ssl => "include ssl/tls support in the aio extension"
ipv6 => "include ipv6 support in the aio extension"
maintainer => {enable the [debug] command and JimPanic}
full => "Enable some optional features: ipv6, ssl, math, utf8, binary, oo, tree"
with-jim-shared shared => "build a shared library instead of a static library"
jim-regexp=1 => "prefer POSIX regex if over the the built-in (Tcl-compatible) regex"
docs=1 => "don't build or install the documentation"
docdir:path => "path to install docs (if built)"
random-hash => "randomise hash tables. more secure but hash table results are not predicable"
with-jim-ext: {with-ext:"ext1,ext2,..."} => {
Specify additional jim extensions to include.
These are enabled by default:
aio - ANSI I/O, including open and socket
eventloop - after, vwait, update
array - Tcl-compatible array command
clock - Tcl-compatible clock command
exec - Tcl-compatible exec command
file - Tcl-compatible file command
glob - Tcl-compatible glob command
history - Tcl access to interactive history
readdir - Required for glob
package - Package management with the package command
load - Load binary extensions at runtime with load or package
posix - Posix APIs including os.fork, os.uptime
regexp - Tcl-compatible regexp, regsub commands
signal - Signal handling
stdlib - Built-in commands including lassign, lambda, alias
syslog - System logging with syslog
tclcompat - Tcl compatible read, gets, puts, parray, case, ...
namespace - Tcl compatible namespace support
These are disabled by default, but enabled by --full:
oo - Jim OO extension
tree - OO tree structure, similar to tcllib ::struct::tree
binary - Tcl-compatible 'binary' command
tclprefix - Support for the tcl::prefix command
zlib - Interface to zlib
These are disabled unless explicitly enabled:
readline - Interface to libreadline
rlprompt - Tcl wrapper around the readline extension
mk - Interface to Metakit
sqlite3 - Interface to sqlite3
win32 - Interface to win32
with-out-jim-ext: {without-ext:"default|ext1,ext2,..."} => {
Specify jim extensions to exclude.
If 'default' is given, the default extensions will not be added.
with-jim-extmod: {with-mod:"ext1,ext2,..."} => {
Specify jim extensions to build as separate modules (either C or Tcl).
Note that not all extensions can be built as loadable modules.
# To help out openocd with automake
# Save the user-specified LIBS
# We add detected libs to LDLIBS explicitly
set LIBS [get-define LIBS]
# In case -Werror is passed in CFLAGS, set -Wno-error when doing checks
# to prevent warnings from becoming errors
if {"-Werror" in [get-define CFLAGS] && [cctest -cflags -Wno-error]} {
cc-with {-cflags -Wno-error}
cc-check-types "long long"
define CCOPTS ""
define CXXOPTS ""
if {[cctest -cflags -fno-unwind-tables]} {
define-append CCOPTS -fno-unwind-tables
if {[cctest -cflags -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables]} {
define-append CCOPTS -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables
cc-check-includes sys/time.h sys/socket.h netinet/in.h arpa/inet.h netdb.h
cc-check-includes sys/un.h dlfcn.h unistd.h dirent.h crt_externs.h
define LDLIBS ""
# Haiku needs -lnetwork, Solaris needs -lnsl
if {[cc-check-function-in-lib inet_ntop {nsl network}]} {
# This does nothing if no libs are needed
cc-with [list -libs [get-define lib_inet_ntop]]
define-append LDLIBS [get-define lib_inet_ntop]
# Solaris needs -lsocket, Windows needs -lwsock32
if {[cc-check-function-in-lib socket socket]} {
define-append LDLIBS [get-define lib_socket]
cc-check-functions ualarm lstat fork vfork system select execvpe
cc-check-functions geteuid mkstemp realpath isatty
cc-check-functions regcomp waitpid sigaction sys_signame sys_siglist isascii
cc-check-functions syslog opendir readlink sleep usleep pipe getaddrinfo utimes
cc-check-functions shutdown socketpair isinf isnan link symlink fsync dup umask
cc-check-functions localtime gmtime strptime timegm clock_gettime
if {[cc-check-function-in-lib backtrace execinfo]} {
define-append LDLIBS [get-define lib_backtrace]
if {[cc-check-functions sysinfo]} {
cc-with {-includes sys/sysinfo.h} {
cc-check-members "struct sysinfo.uptime"
cc-with {-includes fcntl.h} {
cc-check-types "struct flock"
cc-check-functions fseeko ftello
define TCL_LIBRARY [get-define prefix]/lib/jim
lassign [split [get-define host] -] host_cpu host_vendor host_os
# Scrub revision from the host_os
regsub -all {[0-9.]} $host_os {} host_os
switch -glob -- $host_os {
mingw* {
# We provide our own implementation of dlopen for mingw32
define-feature dlopen-compat
define-feature winconsole
define TCL_PLATFORM_OS $host_os
default {
# Note that cygwin is considered a unix platform
define TCL_PLATFORM_OS $host_os
# Find some tools
cc-check-tools ar ranlib strip
define tclsh [info nameofexecutable]
# We only support silent-rules for GNU Make
if {[get-define AM_SILENT_RULES 0]} {
if {[cc-check-progs [get-define MAKE make]]} {
# Are we using GNU make?
catch {exec [get-define MAKE] --version} makeversion
if {[string match "GNU Make*" $makeversion]} {
if {[opt-bool docs]} {
if {[cc-check-progs asciidoc sed]} {
define INSTALL_DOCS docs
} else {
define INSTALL_DOCS shipped
} else {
define INSTALL_DOCS nodocs
if {![cc-check-functions _NSGetEnviron]} {
msg-checking "Checking environ declared in unistd.h..."
if {[cctest -cflags {-D_GNU_SOURCE -D_POSIX_SOURCE} -includes unistd.h -code {char **ep = environ;}]} {
msg-result "yes"
} else {
msg-result "no"
# Windows has a mkdir with no permission arg
cc-check-includes sys/types.h sys/stat.h
msg-checking "Checking for mkdir with one arg..."
if {[cctest -includes {sys/types.h sys/stat.h} -code {mkdir("/dummy");}]} {
msg-result yes
} else {
msg-result no
cc-with {-includes sys/stat.h} {
foreach i {S_IXUSR S_IRWXG S_IRWXO} {
if {![cc-check-decls $i]} {
define $i 0
set extra_objs {}
set jimregexp 0
# Returns 1 if either the given option is enabled, or
# --full is enabled and the option isn't explicitly disabled
proc opt-bool-or-full {opt} {
if {[opt-bool $opt]} {
return 1
if {[opt-bool full] && [opt-bool -nodefault $opt] != 0} {
return 1
return 0
if {[opt-bool-or-full utf8]} {
msg-result "Enabling UTF-8"
define JIM_UTF8
define-append CCOPTS -DUSE_UTF8
incr jimregexp
} else {
define JIM_UTF8 0
if {[opt-bool maintainer]} {
msg-result "Enabling maintainer settings"
# If --math or --full and not --disable-math
if {[opt-bool-or-full math]} {
msg-result "Enabling math functions"
cc-check-function-in-lib sin m
define-append LDLIBS [get-define lib_sin]
if {[opt-bool-or-full ipv6]} {
msg-result "Enabling IPv6"
define JIM_IPV6
define-append PKG_CONFIG_REQUIRES ""
if {[opt-bool-or-full ssl]} {
if {[pkg-config-init 0]} {
foreach pkg {openssl libssl} {
if {[pkg-config $pkg]} {
define JIM_SSL
define-append LDLIBS [pkg-config-get $pkg LIBS]
define-append LDFLAGS [pkg-config-get $pkg LDFLAGS]
define-append CCOPTS [pkg-config-get $pkg CFLAGS]
msg-result "Enabling SSL ($pkg)"
define-append PKG_CONFIG_REQUIRES $pkg
if {![is-defined JIM_SSL]} {
if {[cc-check-includes openssl/ssl.h] && [cc-check-function-in-lib ERR_error_string crypto] && [cc-check-function-in-lib TLSv1_2_method ssl]} {
msg-result "Enabling SSL"
define JIM_SSL
define-append LDLIBS [get-define lib_ERR_error_string] [get-define lib_TLSv1_2_method]
} elseif {[opt-bool ssl]} {
user-error "SSL support requires OpenSSL"
if {[opt-bool-or-full lineedit]} {
if {([cc-check-includes termios.h] && [have-feature isatty]) || [have-feature winconsole]} {
msg-result "Enabling line editing"
define-append PARSE_UNIDATA_FLAGS -width
lappend extra_objs linenoise.o
if {[opt-bool references]} {
msg-result "Enabling references"
if {[opt-bool shared with-jim-shared]} {
msg-result "Building shared library"
} else {
msg-result "Building static library"
define VERSION [format %.2f [expr {[get-define JIM_VERSION] / 100.0}]]
define LIBSOEXT [format [get-define SH_SOEXTVER] [get-define VERSION]]
define JIM_INSTALL [opt-bool install-jim]
define JIM_DOCS [opt-bool docs]
define JIM_RANDOMISE_HASH [opt-bool random-hash]
define docdir [opt-str docdir o {${prefix}/docs/jim}]
# Attributes of the extensions
# tcl=Pure Tcl extension
# static=Can't be built as a module
# off=Off unless explicitly enabled
# optional=Off by default, but selected by --full
# cpp=Is a C++ extension
global extdb
dict set extdb attrs {
aio { static }
array {}
binary { tcl optional }
clock {}
eventloop { static }
exec { static }
file {}
glob { tcl }
history {}
interp { }
load { static }
mk { cpp off }
namespace { static }
nshelper { tcl optional }
oo { tcl }
pack {}
package { static }
posix {}
readdir {}
readline { off }
regexp {}
rlprompt { tcl off }
sdl { off }
signal { static }
sqlite3 { off }
zlib { optional }
stdlib { tcl static }
syslog {}
tclcompat { tcl static }
tclprefix { optional }
tree { tcl }
win32 { off }
# Additional information about certain extensions
# dep=list of extensions which are required for this extension
# check=[expr] expression to evaluate to determine if the extension can be used
# libdep=list of 'define' symbols for dependent libraries
dict set extdb info {
binary { dep pack }
exec { check {([have-feature vfork] && [have-feature waitpid]) || [have-feature system]} }
glob { dep readdir }
load { check {[have-feature dlopen-compat] || [cc-check-function-in-lib dlopen dl]} libdep lib_dlopen }
mk { check {[check-metakit]} libdep lib_mk }
namespace { dep nshelper }
posix { check {[have-feature waitpid]} }
readdir { check {[have-feature opendir]} }
readline { pkg-config readline check {[cc-check-function-in-lib readline readline]} libdep lib_readline}
rlprompt { dep readline }
tree { dep oo }
sdl { pkg-config SDL_gfx check {[cc-check-function-in-lib SDL_SetVideoMode SDL] && [cc-check-function-in-lib rectangleRGBA SDL_gfx]}
libdep {lib_SDL_SetVideoMode lib_rectangleRGBA}
signal { check {[have-feature sigaction]} }
sqlite3 { pkg-config sqlite3 check {[cc-check-function-in-lib sqlite3_prepare_v2 sqlite3]} libdep lib_sqlite3_prepare_v2 }
zlib { pkg-config zlib check {[cc-check-function-in-lib deflate z]} libdep lib_deflate }
syslog { check {[have-feature syslog]} }
tree { dep oo }
win32 { check {[have-feature windows]} }
# autosetup cc-check-function-in-library can't handle C++ libraries
proc check-metakit {} {
set found 0
msg-checking "Checking for Metakit..."
cc-with {-lang c++} {
if {[cctest -includes mk4.h -libs -lmk4 -code {c4_Storage dummy();}]} {
msg-result ok
define lib_mk -lmk4
incr found
} else {
msg-result "not found"
return $found
# Takes a list of module names, separated by spaces or commas
# and returns them as a single list
proc join-ext-names {list} {
set result {}
# Replace comma with space in each list then concatenate the result
foreach l $list {
lappend result {*}[string map {, " "} $l]
return $result
# Set up the withinfo array based on what the user selected
global withinfo
set withinfo(without) [join-ext-names [opt-val {without-ext with-out-jim-ext}]]
set withinfo(ext) [join-ext-names [opt-val {with-ext with-jim-ext}]]
set withinfo(mod) [join-ext-names [opt-val {with-mod with-jim-extmod}]]
set withinfo(nodefault) 0
set withinfo(optional) [opt-bool full]
if {$withinfo(without) eq "default"} {
set withinfo(without) {}
set withinfo(nodefault) 1
# Now go check everything - see autosetup/local.tcl
array set extinfo [check-extensions]
# Now special checks
if {[have-feature windows]} {
lappend extra_objs jim-win32compat.o
if {[llength $extinfo(module-c)] && [get-define JIM_STATICLIB]} {
user-error "cygwin/mingw require --shared for dynamic modules"
if {[have-feature termios.h]} {
lappend extra_objs jim-tty.o
if {[ext-get-status regexp] in {y m}} {
if {![have-feature regcomp]} {
# No regcomp means we need to use the built-in version
incr jimregexp
if {$jimregexp || [opt-bool jim-regexp]} {
msg-result "Using built-in regexp"
# If the built-in regexp overrides the system regcomp, etc.
# jim must be built shared so that the correct symbols are found
if {[ext-get-status regexp] eq "m" && [get-define JIM_STATICLIB] && [have-feature regcomp]} {
user-error "Must use --shared with regexp module and built-in regexp"
# poor-man's signals
if {"signal" ni $extinfo(static-c)} {
lappend extra_objs jim-nosignal.o
if {[ext-get-status load] eq "n"} {
# If we don't have load, no need to support shared objects
define SH_LINKFLAGS ""
msg-result "Jim static extensions: [lsort [concat $extinfo(static-tcl) $extinfo(static-c)]]"
if {[llength $extinfo(module-tcl)]} {
msg-result "Jim Tcl extensions: [lsort $extinfo(module-tcl)]"
if {[llength $extinfo(module-c)]} {
msg-result "Jim dynamic extensions: [lsort $extinfo(module-c)]"
define STATIC_EXTS [concat $extinfo(static-c) $extinfo(static-tcl)]
define C_EXT_OBJS [prefix jim- [suffix .o $extinfo(static-c)]]
define TCL_EXT_OBJS [suffix .o $extinfo(static-tcl)]
define C_EXT_SHOBJS [suffix .so $extinfo(module-c)]
define TCL_EXTS [suffix .tcl $extinfo(module-tcl)]
define EXTRA_OBJS $extra_objs
# Restore the user-specified LIBS
define LIBS $LIBS
make-config-header jim-config.h -auto {HAVE_LONG_LONG* JIM_UTF8} -bare JIM_VERSION -none *
make-config-header jimautoconf.h -auto {jim_ext_* TCL_PLATFORM_* TCL_LIBRARY USE_* JIM_* _FILE_OFFSET*} -bare {S_I*}
catch {exec chmod +x build-jim-ext}