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# OO support for Jim Tcl, with multiple inheritance
# Create a new class $classname, with the given
# dictionary as class variables. These are the initial
# variables which all newly created objects of this class are
# initialised with.
# If a list of baseclasses is given,
# methods and instance variables are inherited.
# The *last* baseclass can be accessed directly with [super]
# Later baseclasses take precedence if the same method exists in more than one
proc class {classname {baseclasses {}} classvars} {
set baseclassvars {}
foreach baseclass $baseclasses {
# Start by mapping all methods to the parent class
foreach method [$baseclass methods] { alias "$classname $method" "$baseclass $method" }
# Now import the base class classvars
set baseclassvars [dict merge $baseclassvars [$baseclass classvars]]
# The last baseclass will win here
proc "$classname baseclass" {} baseclass { return $baseclass }
# Merge in the baseclass vars with lower precedence
set classvars [dict merge $baseclassvars $classvars]
set vars [lsort [dict keys $classvars]]
# This is the class dispatcher for $classname
# It simply dispatches 'classname cmd' to a procedure named {classname cmd}
# with a nice message if the class procedure doesn't exist
proc $classname {{cmd new} args} classname {
if {![exists -command "$classname $cmd"]} {
return -code error "$classname, unknown command \"$cmd\": should be [join [$classname methods] ", "]"
tailcall "$classname $cmd" {*}$args
# Constructor
proc "$classname new" {{instvars {}}} {classname classvars} {
set instvars [dict merge $classvars $instvars]
# This is the object dispatcher for $classname.
# Store the classname in both the ref value and tag, for debugging
# ref tag (for debugging)
set obj [ref $classname $classname "$classname finalize"]
proc $obj {method args} {classname instvars} {
if {![exists -command "$classname $method"]} {
if {![exists -command "$classname unknown"]} {
return -code error "$classname, unknown method \"$method\": should be [join [$classname methods] ", "]"
return ["$classname unknown" $method {*}$args]
"$classname $method" {*}$args
if {[exists -command "$classname constructor"]} {
$obj constructor
return $obj
# Finalizer to invoke destructor during garbage collection
proc "$classname finalize" {ref classname} { $ref destroy }
# Method creator
proc "$classname method" {method arglist __body} classname {
proc "$classname $method" $arglist {__body} {
# Make sure this isn't incorrectly called without an object
if {![uplevel exists instvars]} {
return -code error -level 2 "\"[lindex [info level 0] 0]\" method called with no object"
set self [lindex [info level -1] 0]
# Note that we can't use 'dict with' here because
# the dict isn't updated until the body completes.
foreach __ [$self vars] {upvar 1 instvars($__) $__}
unset __
eval $__body
# Other simple class procs
proc "$classname vars" {} vars { return $vars }
proc "$classname classvars" {} classvars { return $classvars }
proc "$classname classname" {} classname { return $classname }
proc "$classname methods" {} classname {
lsort [lmap p [info procs "$classname *"] {
lindex [split $p " "] 1
# Pre-defined some instance methods
$classname method destroy {} { rename $self "" }
$classname method get {var} { set $var }
$classname method eval {{locals {}} __code} {
foreach var $locals { upvar 2 $var $var }
eval $__code
return $classname
# From within a method, invokes the given method on the base class.
# Note that this will only call the last baseclass given
proc super {method args} {
upvar self self
uplevel 2 [$self baseclass] $method {*}$args