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oo: aliases are now commands, not procs

So fix oo.tcl when falling back to base class methods

Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <>
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1 parent 535ce8f commit 73d257c2f0389f860d7f8fe826feee89f56dfbbb @msteveb committed
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4 oo.tcl
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ proc class {classname {baseclasses {}} classvars} {
# It simply dispatches 'classname cmd' to a procedure named {classname cmd}
# with a nice message if the class procedure doesn't exist
proc $classname {{cmd new} args} classname {
- if {![exists -proc "$classname $cmd"]} {
+ if {![exists -command "$classname $cmd"]} {
return -code error "$classname, unknown command \"$cmd\": should be [join [$classname methods] ", "]"
tailcall "$classname $cmd" {*}$args
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ proc class {classname {baseclasses {}} classvars} {
# Store the classname in both the ref value and tag, for debugging
# ref tag (for debugging)
proc [ref $classname $classname "$classname finalize"] {method args} {classname instvars} {
- if {![exists -proc "$classname $method"]} {
+ if {![exists -command "$classname $method"]} {
return -code error "$classname, unknown method \"$method\": should be [join [$classname methods] ", "]"
"$classname $method" {*}$args

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