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Rakudo Star -- a useful, usable, "early adopter" distribution of Perl 6

Rakudo Star is a distribution of Perl 6 aimed at early adopters.
This git repository isn't the distribution itself; the repository
contains the tools and scripts used to create a distribution.

If you're looking to simply download and run the latest release
of Rakudo Star, please download a .tar.gz file from
http://github.com/rakudo/star/downloads .

If you're still reading this, we assume you're a Rakudo Star
release manager, or someone that is looking to create new
Perl 6 distributions based on the tools here.  Run 
"make VERSION=yyyy.mm" to populate a distribution image
into the rakudo-star-yyyy.mm/ directory.

The build system assumes that you have the following tools available:

    * perl
    * make
    * git
    * wget
    * cp
    * find
    * tar
    * touch

See <https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/What's-going-into-Rakudo-*%3F> for a list
of modules we want included in the distribution.

The skel/ directory contains the basic layout of documentation and
other support files, other components are then populated into
the target directory via the make command above.

To create a candidate release tarball, try "make release VERSION=yyyy.mm".