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*   Added `Backprop` class in *Numeric.Backprop.Class*, which is a typeclass
    specifically for "backpropagatable" values.  This will replace `Num`.
*   API of *Numeric.Backprop* completely re-written to require values be
    instances of `Backprop` instead of `Num`.  This closes some outstanding
    issues with the reliance of `Num`, and allows backpropagation to work with
    non-Num instances like variable-length vectors, matrices, lists, tuples,
    etc. (including types from *accelerate*)
*   *Numeric.Backprop.Num* and *Prelude.Backprop.Num* modules added, providing
    the old interface that uses `Num` instances instead of `Backprop`
    instances, for those who wish to avoid writing orphan instances when
    working with external types.
*   *Numeric.Backprop.Explicit* and *Prelude.Backprop.Explicit* modules added,
    providing an interface that allows users to manually specify how zeroing,
    addition, and one-ing works on a per-value basis.  Useful for those who
    wish to avoid writing orphan instances of `Backprop` for types with no
    `Num` instances, or if you are mixing and matching styles.
*   `backpropWith` variants added, allowing you to specify a "final gradient",
    instead of assuming it to be 1.
*   Added `auto`, a shorter alias for `constVar` inspired by the *ad* library.
*   *Numeric.Backprop.Tuple* module removed.  I couldn't find a significant
    reason to keep it now that `Num` is no longer required for backpropagation.