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Assets 2
*   Argument order in `backpropWith` family of functions switched around to
    allow for final gradient to be given after-the-fact.  **Braking change**
    for anyone using any `backpropWith` function.
*   As a consequence of the previous change, `backprop` family of functions in
    *Explicit* interfaces also all changed argument order.  **Breaking change**
    only for those using the *Explicit* interfaces.
*   Explicit `collectVar` no longer needs a `ZeroFunc` for the container, and
    so all versions of `collectVar` and functions that use it (`fmap`,
    `liftA2`, `liftA3`, `traverse`, `mapAccumL`, `mapAccumR`) no longer require
    `Backprop` or `Num` instances for the final returned container type.  This
    enables a lot more flexibility in container types.  **Breaking change**
    only for those using the *Explicit* interfaces.
*   `BV` pattern synonym added to *Numeric.Backprop*, abstracting over
    application of `splitBV` and `joinBV`.
*   `foldr` and `foldl'` added to Prelude modules, for convenience.
*   `round` and `fromIntegral'` ("unround") added to Prelude modules.