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*   Since *type-combinators* has been unmaintained for over two years, and is
    no longer compatible with modern GHC, the library internals was rewritten
    to be built on the type-level combinators in the *vinyl* library instead.
    The main external API change is basically `Every` is replaced with
    `AllConstrained`, and `Known Length` is replaced with `RecApplicative`.

    To most users, this should make no difference API-wise.  The only users
    affected should be those using the "-N" family of functions (`backpropN`),
    who have to pass in heterogeneous lists.  Heterogeneous lists now must be
    passed in using *vinyl* syntax and operators instead of the previous
    *type-combinators* interface.
*   `bpOp` added, to allow for non-rank-N storage of backpropagatable
    functions in containers without impredicative types.
*   Benchmarks use *microlens* and *microlens-th* instead of *lens*.