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#!/usr/bin/env stack
-- stack --install-ghc ghci --package foldl --package adjunctions --package profunctors --package distributive --package comonad
{-# LANGUAGE ApplicativeDo #-}
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveFunctor #-}
{-# LANGUAGE LambdaCase #-}
{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-}
{-# LANGUAGE ViewPatterns #-}
import Control.Comonad
import Control.Foldl (Fold(..))
import Control.Monad
import Data.Bifunctor
import Data.Distributive
import Data.Functor
import Data.Functor.Adjunction
import Data.Functor.Rep
import Data.Profunctor
import qualified Control.Foldl as F
variance :: Fractional a => Fold a a
variance = do
x <- F.mean
x2 <- lmap (^2) F.mean -- the mean of squared items
pure (x2 - x*x)
varianceTooBig :: (Fractional a, Ord a) => Fold a Bool
varianceTooBig = (> 3) <$> variance
newtype SameEither a = SE (Either a a)
deriving (Show, Eq, Ord)
newtype SameTuple a = ST (a, a)
deriving (Show, Eq, Ord)
instance Functor SameEither where
fmap f (SE e) = SE (bimap f f e)
instance Functor SameTuple where
fmap f (ST e) = ST (bimap f f e)
instance Distributive SameTuple where
distribute t = ST (fst . getST <$> t, snd . getST <$> t)
getST (ST xy) = xy
instance Representable SameTuple where
type Rep SameTuple = Bool
tabulate f = ST (f False, f True)
index (ST (x, y)) = \case
False -> x
True -> y
seST :: (Either a a -> b) -> (a -> (b, b))
seST f x = (f (Left x), f (Right x))
stSE :: (a -> (b, b)) -> (Either a a -> b)
stSE f (Left x) = fst (f x)
stSE f (Right y) = snd (f y)
instance Adjunction SameEither SameTuple where
unit x = ST (SE (Left x), SE (Right x))
counit = \case
SE (Left (ST (x, _))) -> x
SE (Right (ST (_, y))) -> y
leftAdjunct f x = ST (f (SE (Left x)), f (SE (Right x)))
rightAdjunct f = \case
SE (Left x) -> case f x of ST (a, _) -> a
SE (Right x) -> case f x of ST (_, b) -> b
data EnvList r a = EnvList [r] a
deriving (Functor, Show, Eq, Ord)
indexFold :: Fold r b -> EnvList r () -> b
indexFold fld (EnvList rs _) = F.fold fld rs
tabulateFold :: (EnvList r () -> b) -> Fold r b
tabulateFold f = F.foldMap (:[]) (\rs -> f (EnvList rs ()))
instance Distributive (Fold r) where
distribute x = Fold (\q r -> go r <$> q) x (fmap extract)
go x (Fold step init extr) = Fold step (step init x) extr
instance Representable (Fold r) where
type Rep (Fold r) = [r]
tabulate = F.foldMap (:[])
index = F.fold
instance Adjunction (EnvList r) (Fold r) where
unit x = F.foldMap (:[]) (`EnvList` x)
counit (EnvList rs fld) = F.fold fld rs
leftAdjunct f x = F.foldMap (:[]) (\rs -> f (EnvList rs x))
rightAdjunct f (EnvList rs x) = F.fold (f x) rs
newtype FoldEnv r a = FE { getFE :: Fold r (EnvList r a) }
deriving Functor
instance Applicative (FoldEnv r) where
pure = return
(<*>) = ap
instance Monad (FoldEnv r) where
return x = FE $ F.foldMap (:[]) (`EnvList` x)
FE x >>= f = FE $
x <&> \(EnvList rs y) -> F.fold (getFE (f y)) rs
newtype EnvFold r a = EF { getEF :: EnvList r (Fold r a) }
deriving Functor
instance Comonad (EnvFold r) where
extract (EF (EnvList rs fld)) = F.fold fld rs
extend f (EF (EnvList rs fld)) = EF $
EnvList rs $ F.foldMap (:[]) (f . EF . (`EnvList` fld))
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