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bochs = bochs
qemu = qemu-system-x86_64
qemu-img = qemu-img
make = make
gpp = g++ --std=c++11
bootsector/bootsector.bin : FORCE
$(make) -C bootsector bootsector.bin
bootloader/bootloader.bin : FORCE
$(make) -C bootloader bootloader.bin
image.bin : bootsector/bootsector.bin bootloader/bootloader.bin
copy bootsector\bootsector.bin /b + bootloader\bootloader.bin /b $@ /b
# On linux, 'truncate' can be used instead
extend_file.exe : extend_file.cpp
$(gpp) $< -o $@
harddisk.img : image.bin extend_file.exe
copy $< $@
extend_file.exe $@ 10321920
sim : harddisk.img cerius.bxrc
$(bochs) -f cerius.bxrc -q
simqemu: harddisk.img
$(qemu) -drive file=harddisk.img,format=raw -m 512M
simqemuahci: harddisk.img
$(qemu) -device ahci,id=ahci0 -drive if=none,file=harddisk.img,format=raw,id=drive -device ide-drive,bus=ahci0.0,drive=drive,id=sata0-0-0 -m 512M
harddisk.vmdk: harddisk.img
$(qemu-img) convert -O vmdk $< $@
clear : FORCE
$(make) -C bootsector clear
$(make) -C bootloader clear
del image.bin
del harddisk.img
del harddisk.vmdk
del extend_file.exe