Private network testing for Tor
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This is chutney.  It doesn't do much so far.  It isn't ready for prime-time.

If it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces.

It is supposed to be a good tool for:
    - Configuring a testing tor network
    - Launching and monitoring a testing tor network
    - Running tests on a testing tor network

Right now it only sorta does the first two.

You will need, at the moment:
  Tor installed somewhere in your path.
  Python 2.5 or later

Stuff to try:
  ./chutney configure networks/basic
  ./chutney start networks/basic
  ./chutney status networks/basic
  ./chutney hup networks/basic
  ./chutney stop networks/basic

The configuration files:
  networks/basic holds the configuration for the network you're configuring
  above.  It refers to some torrc template files in torrc_templates/.

The working files:
  chutney sticks its working files, including all data directories, log
  files, etc, in ./net/.  Each tor instance gets a subdirectory of net/nodes.