Support multiple vaporpads. #2

mstone opened this Issue Jul 20, 2014 · 2 comments


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mstone commented Jul 20, 2014

Focus should support multiple vaporpads per page and per websocket.

mstone commented Dec 29, 2014

The server now has state for tracking multiple vaporpads per connection but protocol changes are still required in order to allow clients to open multiple vaporpads.

mstone commented Jan 2, 2015

Protocol & client changes now allow clients to open multiple vaporpads.

More specifically:
a) the server implements an open()/write() style RPC api (though writes are bidirectional) and
b) the server now plumbs URL paths into generated page HTML to allow generic client JS to know which pad to open based on data-* attributes of the VPP editor container.

@mstone mstone closed this Jan 2, 2015
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