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StressAlly is a self-help app designed for those with anxiety. It's a tool to track daily anxiety and stress, set goals for overcoming anxious situations, and set activities and exercises to relieve anxiety and keep it at bay.

Visit the app: StressAlly

Technologies Used

StressAlly adheres to the MVC file structure, and employs the 7 RESTful routes and full CRUD. It is hosted on Heroku.

It is built with:

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Express
  • EJS
  • Bcrypt
  • Dotenv
  • Express-session
  • Method-override
  • Moment
  • Bootstrap


First brainstormed ideas for the app. I originally came up with a to-do list/calendar-type app. I honed this idea to tackle a problem for a specific group of people.

User Story

As a user with anxiety, I want to log and keep track of daily stressors in one place, so I can look back on daily logs and understand what my stressors are.



I wanted to have users be able to log in to the app and only see their own unique data. I started small by getting the app working in a state before users were able to log in. In this state, I wanted users to be able to:

  • Input daily entries
  • Edit entries
  • Show all entries thus far
  • Delete entries
  • Create new goals and set goals as active
  • Show active goals on main user page
  • Create new activities and set activities as active
  • Show active activities on main user page
  • View completed goals

I created models for activities, entries, and goals. Once this state was working, I then implemented user authentication for multiple users, and created a user model. I then updated the user model to tie activities, entries, and goals to each user, and only render user data unique to the logged in user.


At some point in the future, I would like to add the following functionality:

  • A resources model where users can store helpful resources (links, articles, videos, etc.) intended to provide support in overcoming stress and anxiety.
  • A way to chart entry data and find correlations between anxiety rating and stressors.


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