A standalone library of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android.
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documentation AAC/SBR decoder improvements and bugfixes Apr 8, 2016
libAACdec Add tighter sanity checks in CBlock_GetEscape Oct 20, 2017
libAACenc Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/master' Mar 6, 2018
libFDK Fix warnings with MSVC about mismatch between signed and unsigned in … Mar 6, 2018
libMpegTPDec Make sure there are enough bits when reading ADTS header. Sep 20, 2017
libMpegTPEnc SBR/AAC encoder updates, code clean up Apr 5, 2016
libPCMutils Remove android specific diagnostic logging Jan 26, 2016
libSBRdec Fix SBR multichannel noise Dec 20, 2017
libSBRenc Fix overflows in accumulation, fixing crashes May 4, 2018
libSYS Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/master' Aug 25, 2016
m4 build: ignore autotools support files, and remove them from the repos… Jul 11, 2012
win32 Windows MSVC Makefile Sep 11, 2016
.gitignore Ignore file `compile` that is generated by autogen Nov 24, 2014
Android.bp Merge "Use -Werror in external/aac" am: f38aee2 am: 82440fa Oct 7, 2017
ChangeLog Bump the versions and add a changelog entry for v0.1.6 Mar 6, 2018
MODULE_LICENSE_FRAUNHOFER Snapshot 2bda038 Jul 11, 2012
Makefile.am Update the list of extra files for "make dist" Mar 6, 2018
Makefile.vc Windows MSVC Makefile Sep 11, 2016
NOTICE Snapshot 2bda038 Jul 11, 2012
OWNERS Add OWNERS in external/aac Jun 5, 2017
aac-enc.c Use TT_MP4_ADTS instead of a literal number in the encoder example Jul 5, 2018
autogen.sh Add an autogen shellscript Sep 7, 2013
configure.ac Bump the versions and add a changelog entry for v0.1.6 Mar 6, 2018
fdk-aac.pc.in Include dependency libs (-lm) in the pkg-config file Jul 26, 2013
fdk-aac.sym Export the external symbols via the libtool -export-symbols option Jul 11, 2012
wavreader.c Add support for waveformatex files Jun 23, 2014
wavreader.h Add an encoder example Sep 13, 2012