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- Major update in the upstream source base, with support for new
profiles and features, and numerous crash/fuzz fixes. The new
upstream version is referred to as FDKv2, thus skipping the
major version 1 and syncing the fdk-aac major version number to 2.
- Lots of minor assorted crash/fuzz fixes, mostly for the decoder but
also some for the encoder
- Updated upstream sources
- Fixed building with GCC 3.3 and 3.4
- Fixed building with GCC 6
- AArch64 optimizations
- Makefiles for building with MSVC
- Support building the code in C++11 mode
- Updated upstream sources, with minor changes to the decoder API
breaking the ABI. (Calling code using AUDIO_CHANNEL_TYPE may need to
be updated. A new option AAC_PCM_LIMITER_ENABLE has been added, enabled
by default, which incurs extra decoding delay.)
- PowerPC optimizations, fixes for building on AIX
- Support for reading streamed wav files in the encoder example
- Fix VBR encoding of sample rates over 64 kHz
- Updated upstream sources, with a number of crash fixes and new features
(including support for encoding 7.1)
- Fix a few more crashes
- Include dependency libs (such as -lm) in the pkg-config file
- Updated to a new upstream version from Android 4.2, fixing a lot of crashes
- Cleanup of autotools usage
- Make sure the shared library links to libm if necessary
- Performance improvements on x86
- Added support for WG4/DVD audio channel mappings
- Minimized the differences to upstream
- Added an example encoder tool
- Initial release of fdk-aac
- autotools based build system
- Enable setting VBR bitrate modes
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