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Command line interface for CopyNES, a NES copier originally designed by Kevin Horton.


  • clone the repository
  • place your plugins in the "plugin" directory. The plugin filenames are assumed to use only upper case characters, e.g. NROM.BIN.


Mac OS X

e.g. using MacPorts:

sudo port install python32 py32-serial


  • install Python 3 and pyserial

e.g. using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-serial


Pass the --help parameter to get brief usage instructions: --help

Dump a ROM

First, make sure to place the appropriate plugin in the plugins directory, e.g. plugins/NROM.BIN.

CopyNES plugins don't communicate which iNES mapper they are dumping so you will need to explicitly declare a mapper number for the dump. download NROM > smb.nes download --mapper 3 CNROM > adventure-island.nes

Upload to RAM cart

First, make sure to place the appropriate plugin in the plugins directory, e.g. plugins/PPLITE.BIN. upload --plugin pplite < smb.nes

Read memory

Get a binary dump of CPU memory space. readcpu 0x0000 0x07ff > ram-dump.bin

Write memory

Write data to CPU memory space. writecpu 0x0000 < ram-dump.bin

Run CopyNES plugin

Run a custom CopyNES plugin. Data sent from the plugin is not handled in any way, the plugin is just started and then ignored. run < my-custom-plugin.bin

Check BIOS version version

Play cartridge

If the USB cable is connected, CopyNES starts in "copy" mode, i.e. it does nothing and only only waits for a command. To start playing a cartridge, use the "play" command. play

Serial ports

CopyNES uses two serial ports for communication. The program will try to guess the names of these ports, but may get confused if there are other FTDI devices connected (e.g. Arduino). If you're having problems connecting to the CopyNES you may have to explicitly declare which ports to use: --data COM4 --control COM5 ...