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Revision history for Perl extension App::Daemon.
0.11 (08/28/2010)
(ms) Fixed test suite.
0.10 (08/19/2010)
(ms) Writing pid file before dropping privileges (just like logfile).
0.09 (04/09/2010)
(ms) Fixed find_option example on manual page. Thanks to
Rolf Schaufelberger for pointing it out.
(ms) Added github repository link to Makefile.PL
(ms) Changed dropping privileges to setuid()
0.08 (11/05/2009)
(ms) [RT 50884] Applied patch by Matthew Byng-Maddick allow overriding
app-internal option settings by command line options. Order is now:
command line > app-internal > App::Daemon internal
(ms) [RT 51066] Applied patch by Mike Whitaker to point stdin/out/err
to /dev/null instead of closing them.
0.07 (10/08/2009)
(ms) Applied patch by Sadrak [rt:44513] to check if Log4perl has
already been initialized and skip the easy_init call in this
case. Note that -v then has to be handled by the user-provided
Log4perl configuration instead.
(ms) [RT 50326] Fixed insecure dependency error in tainted mode
by untainting the string obtained by appname().
0.06 (03/05/2009)
(ms) Added detach() as an importable method for simple daemons.
0.05 (02/17/2009)
(ms) Better docs as requested by Tim Appnel
(ms) docs on application-specific command line options
(ms) Better daemonization according to Stevens (Advanced Programming
in the UNIX environment)
(ms) Make sure the child isn't killed by a closed session before
it is able to detach from the tty.
(ms) Better __DIE__ handler as suggested by Karl Rune Nilsen in
0.04 10/02/2008
(ms) Fixed logfile permissions if daemon starts up at root and
then drops priviledges. Added docs.
0.03 08/03/2008
(ms) Fixed test suite for Freebsd, which locks tempfiles
exclusively. Thanks to to CPAN tester Slaven Rezic.
(ms) Removed restriction on perl-5.8.
0.02 08/01/2008
(ms) Added setting logfile and pidfile within the script itself, as
suggested by Kimo Rosenbaum.
(ms) Fixed OLDERR warnings in test suite.
0.01 07/19/2008
(ms) Where it all began.