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Git repository:
cpan-syntax is a collection of files and snippets to add syntax
highlighting to
(all except jQuery itself have been included in this repository):
* jQuery:
* jquery.styleswitch.mlklc.js:
* jquery.cookie.js:
* Upload the js/* and css/* files.
* Include the contents of html/select.html somewhere on the page.
e.g. in the footer
* Include the contents of html/head.html in the header. Change paths as necessary
* Add class="sh_perl" to any markup that represents code.
Look at example/Multiplex.html for an example. Grep for "ADD THIS" to see the added html.
Please see the included or linked software distributions listed above for
their corresponding licenses.
css/sh_cpan.css is a modified version of a theme from SHJS, and subject
to the licensing of SHJS.
html/*.html were assembled for use in and are released into the
public domain.
example/* simply applies this collection of files to an example module
from the CPAN, and styled with the markup and CSS from, and
everything in this directory is copyright its respective owners.