I can't write in the input / textbox in the steps #23

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Hi everyone,

I had a bug in my solution:
I could not write any text in the textbox / input type text in the steps of the wizard.
It appears that the problem was in the css:
line 34:
.swMain .stepContainer div.content
/* position: absolute; */

Hope it helps


I have the same issue. I did what you told but nothing changed. The funny fact is that the forms that are created with my rails controllers built form, the input box seems to work just fine. Just the ones that I created with text_box_tag seems to cause the problem.

PS: and I already confirmed. Dragging this piece of code outside the smart_wizard makes the inputbox work normally.

PLease help


I can't reproduce.
Please supply an example page that demonstrates the problem.


I just discovered that this only happens when you use your code with ZURB foundation. When the input tag iis using the 'columns' class, it do not let me edit the inputbox by user direct interaction. I do not know whats happening because the other inputboxes have almost the exact same code. Very strange... What did you do to make the anchors not be selectable? I think is the same behavior.


Just made it using chrome... it´s not a class... i tryed copying classes, without any class, there arent classes involved. I dont think you cant prevent user input to an input boxes through css, only through html... Am I wrong?
The fact is that some listener seems to be bypassing the normal behaviour... Its what I think... but I dont like to mess with other library... too hard to handle the possible UX error universe.

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