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Jquery Smart Wizard - tab functionality issue #5

saravanan1986 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I am using Smart Wizard in my application, when am pressing the tab inside the window- the tab is not working properly.

First it goes to step indicators (

    ) on completing the tabbing at step 4, the focus is moving to the StepContainer and tabbing from ther it is not moving to the actionBar. Its simply moving to the address bar.

    I need the focus to be moved to actionBar , once the tabbing has been completed from StepContainer.

    Please help me with the above issue.


Unfortunately I don't know offhand what the problem is. Is this something that will require a 'tabindex' attribute on all elements? Or is the action bar simply not a focus'able element?

These are just some questions/ideas to help kick this off.

(These questions aren't necessarily to you, but rather just to anyone interested in investigating this)

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