When user starts to click rapidly on next or previous it gets buggy #53

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If the user for some reason starts to click real fast on next or previous button, the structure gets buggy and starts to show more than one step. At this point, the java has a breakpoint and stops to run the code, so the page stop working.


Can't reproduce here: http://mstratman.github.io/jQuery-Smart-Wizard/

Please see if you can. If not, please provide a sample page that exhibits the problem. Thanks

0101adm commented Feb 20, 2014

i can reproduce on that link. FF 27. window 7.

just click the 'next' button like trying to revive Mac on Mike Tyson's Punchout.


I just reproduced on your page... yours seems better because you have overflow: hidden, so the fields do not apper down there, but your anchors gets crazy...


obs: im not using firefox... im using chrome...


Just found out that this is due js async behavior. Try to put a lock variable on outgoing event and receiving event... Found out because when you turn off the transition, it works fine..


I had same issue with smart wizard, Disabling Transition was the solution ,, Thanks @Hamdan85 .

    $(document).ready(function() {
        // Smart Wizard     
        $('#wizard').smartWizard({transitionEffect: "none"});
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