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Single- as well as Multi-Objective Optimization Test Problems: ZDT, DTLZ, CDTLZ, CTP, BNH, OSY, ...
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pymop - Multi-Objective Optimization Problems

pipeline status python 3.6 license apache

This framework provides a collection of test problems in Python. The main features are:

  • Most important multi-objective test function is one place
  • Vectorized evaluation by using numpy matrices (no for loops)
  • Gradients and Hessian matrices are available through automatic differentiation
  • Easily new problems can be created using custom classes or functions

Here, you can find a detailed documentation and information about the framework:


In this package single- as well as multi-objective test problems are included:

  • Single-Objective:
    • Ackley
    • Cantilevered Beam
    • Griewank
    • Himmelblau
    • Knapsack
    • Pressure Vessel
    • Schwefel
    • Sphere
    • Zakharov
    • G1-10
  • Multi-Objective:
    • ZDT 1-6
    • CTP
    • Carside Impact
    • BNH
    • Kursawe
    • OSY
    • TNK
    • Truss 2D
    • Welded Beam
  • Many-Objective:
    • DTLZ 1-7
    • CDTLZ
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