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Extract compressed memory pages from page-aligned data
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This program tries to extract compressed memory pages from page-aligned data. Every decompressed page is written to the standard output.

Such compressed memory pages can be found in virtual memory of Windows 8.1 & 10 operating systems.

Input data

The following types of data can be processed:

  • page files;
  • crash dumps;
  • memory dumps (raw).

Output data

Every decompressed page should be 4096 bytes in length. If a decompressed page is truncated (smaller than that), null bytes are used as padding.

Since the program utilizes the brute-force approach to decompress memory pages, many false positives are expected.


The program is very slow. The following processing times were seen in a test based on the 2018 Lone Wolf Scenario:

  • a page file (2944 MiB): 4 minutes;
  • a memory dump (17126 MiB): 6 hours.


The program is made available under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 3. See the 'License.txt' file.

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