3D multiplayer puzzle game made for Ubisoft's Game Lab Competition
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A Distant Path

"A Distant Path" is a 3D multiplayer game which was created as a part of Ubisoft's Game Lab compitition. A team of 7 students made this game in 10 weeks using Unity.

Click the picture below to check out our showcase video:


Game Summary

Two players, one in the past and the other in the future, must use a variety of elements in their environment, as well as the difference in time, to explore a forest together.

Competition Mandate

  • Provide a connected experience for two players, online or local (LAN).
  • Use the multiplayer mode (competitive and/or co-op).
  • Present an asymmetrical game design offering different experiences.
  • Include real-time interactions between players that provide feedback and have an impact on their experience.
  • Include at least one element of artificial intelligence in the gameplay that helps and/or is detrimental to the players.
  • Present two concept-art elements (in-prototype or not).
  • Include a game mechanic related to time.

Team Composition

  • Michael Sukkarieh - Team Lead / Programming
  • Brendan Kellam - Programming
  • Karl Godin - Programming
  • Nehir Akdag - Programming
  • Milan Singh- Game / Level Design
  • Adam Chan - Art
  • Scott Sewell - Art

Special Thanks: Bio Adam Granger and Javier Gómez