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Thanks for your interest in the Omniture Traffic Organizer plug-in.

Omniture Traffic Organizer is a JavaScript library that users of Adobe’s Omniture SiteCatalyst can use to achieve a better and more detailed understanding of incoming traffic sources to their website.

Unfortunately, users of Adobe’s Omniture SiteCatalyst have had to live for years in envy of the traffic source reporting available from Google Analytics out-of-the-box. Evangelists such as Avinash Kaushik have made many users crave to understand how their paid search campaigns are performing by way of metrics such as bounce rate and page views per visit.

Omniture has tried to bridge the gap with a great plug-in called “channelManager” (ask Omniture ClientCare for more information). While channelManager does go a long way to fix things, it still doesn’t completely address all issues. Namely, channelManager makes it very difficult for the many users who have their sites tagged with both Omniture as well as Google Analytics tracking code.

To get started using the Omniture Traffic Organizer plug-in read the Installation, Configuration and Usage guide, read the FAQ section and check out the Sample Reports!

The Omniture Traffic Organizer Team