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Commits on Aug 14, 2013
  1. @bors

    auto merge of #8469 : gifnksm/rust/tutorial-ja, r=graydon

    bors committed
    This PR adds an Japanese translated version of `doc/`.
    Other tutorials have not yet translated.
  2. @bors

    auto merge of #8462 : thestinger/rust/loop-cleanup, r=cmr

    bors committed
    I missed some of this in e7bb33a. Hopefully it's all gone now :).
  3. @bors

    auto merge of #8452 : Kimundi/rust/stuff02, r=bstrie

    bors committed
    - Methodyfied the string ascii extionsion functions - They got added recently, I wrapped them in a trait.
    - Added `into_owned()` method for vectors - similar to `Str`'s `into_owned()` function, allows to convert to a owned vector without making a copy if the source is a owned vector.
    - Added `or_some` method to option - similar to `unwrap_or_default`, but keeps the values wrapped in an `Option`. Useful for `Option` chains, eg Iterator impls.
    - Added `DoubleEndedIterator` impl to `Option` - Just for compatibility with generic Iterator functions.
    - Renamed to - the type got renamed ages ago, it's time the source file is as well.
  4. @bors

    auto merge of #8453 : dmanescu/rust/8451, r=cmr

    bors committed
    I'm not sure that the supplied tests are suitable.
  5. @Kimundi

    Methodyfied the string ascii extionsion functions

    Kimundi committed
    Added into_owned() method for vectors
    Added DoubleEnded Iterator impl to Option
    Renamed to
  6. @bors

    auto merge of #8440 : sfackler/rust/env-fix, r=pcwalton

    bors committed
    The type of the result of option_env! was not fully specified in the
    None case, leading to type check failures in the case where the variable
    was not defined (e.g. option_env!("FOO").is_none()).
    Also cleaned up some compilation warnings.
  7. @bors
  8. @bors

    auto merge of #8477 : catamorphism/rust/issue-4096, r=msullivan

    bors committed
    r? @msullivan ...e parameters
    In this case, it's likely to be that the user forgot the `self` type, so
    say so.
    Closes #4096
  9. @bors

    auto merge of #8497 : nikomatsakis/rust/improvements-to-object-coerci…

    bors committed
    …on, r=pcwalton
    While looking over the code for object coercion, I realized that it wasn't quite handling freezing and reborrowing correctly. Tweak the code, adding tests for the relevant cases. 
    r? @pcwalton
  10. @bors

    auto merge of #8446 : alexcrichton/rust/ifmt++, r=graydon

    bors committed
    This includes a number of improvements to `ifmt!`
    * Implements formatting arguments -- `{:0.5x}` works now
    * Formatting now works on all integer widths, not just `int` and `uint`
    * Added a large doc block to `std::fmt` which should help explain what `ifmt!` is all about
    * Added floating point formatters, although they have the same pitfalls from before (they're just proof-of-concept now)
    Closed a couple of issues along the way, yay! Once this gets into a snapshot, I'll start looking into removing all of `fmt`
  11. @alexcrichton

    Add `f` formats to `ifmt!`

    alexcrichton committed
    Currently the work just the same as the old `extfmt` versions
Commits on Aug 13, 2013
  1. @bors

    auto merge of #8329 : michaelwoerister/rust/lexical_scopes_alt, r=gra…

    bors committed
    This pull request re-implements handling of visibility scopes and source code positions in debug info. It should now be very stable and properly handle
    + variable shadowing
    + expanded code (macros and the new for-loop de-sugaring, for example)
    + variables in the middle of nested scopes
    + bindings declared in the head of match statement arms. 
    all of which did not work at all or did not work reliably before. Those interested in a more detailed description of the problems at hand, I kindly refer to
    Why doesn't the `populate_scope_map()` function use `syntax::visit`?
    Because it would not improve this particular AST walker (see: michaelwoerister@69dc790#commitcomment-3781426)
  2. @bors

    auto merge of #8475 : kmcallister/rust/stack_segment, r=brson,brson

    bors committed
    Servo needs to tell SpiderMonkey about the stack bounds.
    r? @brson
  3. @graydon

    Merge pull request #8432 from chris-morgan/remove-assert-eq-macro-fai…

    graydon committed
    Remove in-tree test binary.
  4. @nikomatsakis
  5. @nikomatsakis
  6. @kmcallister

    Make rt::stack public

    kmcallister committed
    Fixes #8478.
  7. @bors
  8. @bors

    auto merge of #8411 : bblum/rust/assorted-fixes, r=brson

    bors committed
    Each commit is pretty much what it says on the tin. r anybody.
  9. @bors

    auto merge of #7866 : sstewartgallus/rust/clean, r=cmr

    bors committed
    Mostly I did simple transformations from imperative style loops to
    more functional iterator based transformations.
  10. @michaelwoerister
  11. @michaelwoerister
  12. @michaelwoerister
  13. @bors

    auto merge of #8487 : brson/rust/local-opts, r=brson

    bors committed
    I did this once but acciddentally undid it in a later patch.
  14. @alexcrichton
  15. @alexcrichton
  16. @alexcrichton
  17. @alexcrichton
  18. @alexcrichton
  19. @brson

    std: Re-optimize tls access on local allocation path

    brson committed
    I did this once but acciddentally undid it in a later patch.
  20. @bors
  21. @bors

    auto merge of #8450 : alexcrichton/rust/nopt-changes, r=graydon

    bors committed
    Since the new runtime landed, the *-nopt builders have increased cycle time by roughly an hour. I have a feeling that this is because the entire runtime is in rust and it's not being optimized at all. In that past with an optimized C++ runtime it looks like things ran faster.
    This adds the ability to disable optimizations in tests only, not for the entire compiler. This means that the entire compiler and associated libraries will be built with optimizations, but the tests themselves would be built and run without optimizations.
    This isn't quite as good of a guarantee as disabling optimizations everywhere, but hopefully it'll improve cycle time for the *-nopt builds to move the queue along faster.
Commits on Aug 12, 2013
  1. @bors

    auto merge of #8419 : cmr/rust/fix-rtdebug, r=brson

    bors committed
    It now actually does logging, and is compiled out when `--cfg rtdebug` is not
    given to the libstd build, which it isn't by default. This makes the rt
    benchmarks 18-50% faster.
  2. @catamorphism

    rustc: Give a hint when a static method call has fewer than expected …

    catamorphism committed
    …type parameters
    In this case, it's likely to be that the user forgot the `self` type, so
    say so.
    Closes #4096
  3. @thestinger
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