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mSupply Mobile

Cross-platform, offline-first mobile application designed and developed by Sustainable Solutions. Integrates with mSupply to provide accessible and user-friendly electronic inventory control for medical stock. Open-source and free-to-use, mSupply Mobile is designed and built with a specific focus on the needs of developing countries.


  • Track stock movements and view stock on hand.
  • Receive and issue goods with automatic inventory adjustments.
  • Order stock from suppliers.
  • Forecast required stock based on usage.
  • Sync data with a local or remote mSupply server when internet is available.

See for more details of these and many other features.

Getting started

Installing mSupply mobile

Build and release


We welcome contributions from external developers!

How to contribute

  1. Find a bug or feature you'd like to work on from the issues page, or submit your own. If suggesting a feature, make sure to provide a compelling use case (functionality useful to only one or a few users is unlikely to be approved).
  2. Comment on the issue to indicate you are interested in working on it.
  3. Be patient :). A Sussoler will respond with any additional information or questions, and assign you when the issue is ready to be worked on.
  4. Fork your own copy of the repository.
  5. Code!
  6. Open a pull request to the appropriate branch.
  7. A Sussoler will review your PR and provide comments or request changes.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the warm glow of success :).


  • Ready to contribute? Before opening a PR, do a final check against the following list:
    • do all you changes adhered to the Sussol code conventions?
    • have you tested all changes you have made for bugs and regressions?
    • are your changes consistent with the mSupply Mobile mission statement (basic functionality with a focus on user-friendly and consistent design)?