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// Route for Homepage - displays all products from the shop
Route::get('/', function()
$products = Product::all();
return View::make('index', array('products'=>$products));
// Route that shows an individual product by its ID
Route::get('products/{id}', function($id)
$product = Product::find($id);
// Get all reviews that are not spam for the product and paginate them
$reviews = $product->reviews()->with('user')->approved()->notSpam()->orderBy('created_at','desc')->paginate(100);
return View::make('products.single', array('product'=>$product,'reviews'=>$reviews));
// Route that handles submission of review - rating/comment
Route::post('products/{id}', array('before'=>'csrf', function($id)
$input = array(
'comment' => Input::get('comment'),
'rating' => Input::get('rating')
// instantiate Rating model
$review = new Review;
// Validate that the user's input corresponds to the rules specified in the review model
$validator = Validator::make( $input, $review->getCreateRules());
// If input passes validation - store the review in DB, otherwise return to product page with error message
if ($validator->passes()) {
$review->storeReviewForProduct($id, $input['comment'], $input['rating']);
return Redirect::to('products/'.$id.'#reviews-anchor')->with('review_posted',true);
return Redirect::to('products/'.$id.'#reviews-anchor')->withErrors($validator)->withInput();
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