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Missing pet flyer - Laravel 4 application
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Laravel 4.0 Application - Pet Flyer generator


This is the source of that is deployed to Pagodabox.

This application allows the users to upload a picture of a missing pet and create a poster of missing pet with custom text, without using MS Word or other poster making tools.

It works on mobile - iOS 6 and Android devices and allows cropping of images by selecting the area of the image before previewing the poster.

This application was created in celebration of Laravel 4 release. Please follow me on Twitter for more Laravel info : and my blog at


  • Laravel (Latest and Greatest)
  • Customized Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • Custom icon font created with
  • PagodaBox Boxfile
    • Configured for PHP 5.3.23 with mcrypt, apc and several other extensions
    • Redis cache for session and cache storage
    • L4 configuration to match database environment variables and leverage redis
  • Composer
    • script which automates wiping and re-composing (wipe vendor, reinstall / update composer)
    • uses --prefer-source so NO MORE 403 limit exceeded!!


MIT license

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