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OpenGL simplifications and expressions (similar to jit.expr) for Max 5 + Jitter.
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Here are a few utilities to help with using OpenGL in Max 5. links to most (if not all) the related help files.
The most useful object is

To work around limitations of Max 5, take note of the following:
* Use instead of  This will ensure that
  operations done with other objects happen on 16bit or 32bit textures.
  At the moment, this is hard-coded to 32bit textures as 16bit is too
  buggy in Max.
* generates files with random names when no name for a shader
  is provided.  This is since Max 5 needs a glsl and jxs file to exist
  on disk.  I explored alternatives, but none were usable.
* Deleting patch lines some times does not clear the texture binding on
  the slab object.  To see how your GL application works (without any
  residue from previous runs) quit and re-open max.
* The generated GLSL files from and the associated jxs file
  can be used as fragment shaders with objects.

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