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nginx: fixes #47

Signed-off-by: Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov <>
latest commit 041fd08ba8
@msva authored
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Documentation nginx: bump
app-admin metadata: regen
app-antivirus metadata: regen
app-crypt metadata: regen
app-editors vim: bump
app-emulation metadata: regen
app-eselect/eselect-gradle gradle: added
app-misc Не верный путь до бинарника git add godep-9999.ebuild! dobin: /var/tm…
app-mobilephone/dfu-util metadata: regen
app-office/odt2txt metadata: regen
app-shells/zsh-completions metadata: regen
app-text metadata: regen
dev-db patching jar registering; fixes #40
dev-java/gradle gradle: bump, fix eslect dep issue sent by email (thanks to @selurvedu)…
dev-libs metadata: regen
dev-perl metadata: regen
dev-php metadata: regen
dev-qt/qt5ct qt5ct: bump
dev-ruby metadata: regen
dev-util android-studio: minor install fix
dev-vcs/git-annex metadata: regen
eclass qipmsg EAPI5 fix. (maybe drop it?)
games-rpg/sacred metadata: regen
kde-base/dolphin-box-plugin metadata: regen
kde-misc/smooth-tasks metadata: regen
licenses BUMP! (sorry for bunch-commit again. I still save no time to clean ov…
mail-filter/dovecot-antispam [metadata] Changelogs cleanup (use git log)
media-fonts metadata: regen
media-gfx metadata: regen
media-libs libquvi: fixed mailformed DEPs. Fixed #34
media-sound/asterisk-sounds-ru-tamara metadata: regen
metadata [dev-utils/apktool] added [metadata/news] tox removing news
net-analyzer rrdtool: bump
net-dns/dnsmasq metadata: regen
net-firewall/xtables-addons metadata: regen
net-misc subnetcalc: fixed
net-p2p metadata: regen
net-voip/zoiper-communicator sflphone: drop: superseded by ring. TODO add the ring
profiles nginx: proper slotmove
sci-biology/structure metadata: regen
sci-electronics metadata: regen
sci-misc/multimeter metadata: regen
sets bump!
sys-apps metadata: regen
sys-kernel metadata: regen
sys-process/htop metadata: regen
virtual/gradle removed virtual lua (it-tree is ok)
www-apps redmine: bump
www-client/yandex-browser-beta Update www-client/yandex-browser-beta to last version
www-servers nginx: fixes #47
x11-misc/rackman rackman: added
x11-themes/smplayer-themes-nonfree metadata: regen
.directory added some crap.
.gitignore zsh-comp
sets.conf sets.conf
skel.ChangeLog Mass Pulling. Sorry.
skel.ebuild metadata: regen
skel.metadata.xml BUMP! (sorry for bunch-commit again. I still save no time to clean ov…
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