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Madison Student Apartment Finder: CS 638 Project

This is the project repository for the project for one of the groups in CS 638 at UW-Madison. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for UW students to find somewhere to live. The application should be easily searchable, simple, and fast.

Members: Adam Eggum, Cory Romdenne, Guilherme Baptista, Matt Wysocki, Justin Smith.

We have turned in our first iteration but can continue working along the way. The latest version of the design document can be found at

Here are some of the gems added to the project:

Testing of the project has gotten started, and to run the test suite that we have use the command 'rspec spec/' or 'rspec spec/any_folder_you_want_to_test/' ... and so on

All of the tests passed as of the last time I pushed any changes to github. 82/82.

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