Instruction set simulator for RISC-V
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Instruction set simulator for RISC-V


Swimmer-RISCV is configurable instruction set simulator written in C++.



riscv-isa-sim(Spike) is very fast and simple RISC-V simulator written in C++.

Swimmer-RISCV is designed for debugging RISC-V program, using --trace-hier option can generate function call tree. --debug option can generate all information such as register read/write and memory access.



Swimmer-RISCV is tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and CentOS 7.2 with GCC 8.1.0 For Ubuntu, following packages are need to be install:

sudo apt install -y libbfd-dev device-tree-compiler

RISC-V Tools

riscv-tests repository is used to run regression test using Swimmer-RISCV. It is recommended to install riscv-tools and $RISCV environment variable should be set.


usage: ./swimmer_riscv [options] ...
      --max_size          Max size of log file [MB] (unsigned int [=0])
      --max               Max instructions to simulate (unsigned long [=0])
      --binfile           Binary file to simulate. (string [=])
      --hexfile           Hex file to simulate. (string [=])
      --only_info_load    Debug Info is only loaded (only enable with --binfile)
      --debug             Generate debug log
      --out               Output log filename (string [=])
      --load-dump         Dump Loaded Bin file (only enable with --binfile)
      --parallel          CPU Parallel Execution
      --init_pc           Initial Program Counter Value (string [=])
      --stop-host         Stop simulation by accessing MTOHOST
      --use-pk            Location of RISC-V Proxy Kernel (string [=])
      --bit-mode          Execution Bit-Mode (32 or 64) (unsigned int [=64])
      --trace-hier        Generate Hierarcical Trace
      --trace-out         Hierarcical Trace Output Filename (string [=])
      --vmlinux           Location of vmlinux (string [=])
      --logstart          cycle of log start (unsigned long [=0])
      --printstep         print number of steps each cycle (unsigned long [=0])
      --signature         Generate Signature and filename  (string [=])
  -v, --version           Show Version Information
  -?, --help              print this message
  • --max_size : Max size of simulation log file generated with --out option.
  • --max : Max number of instruction to be simulated.
  • --binfile : RISC-V binary file to be simulated.
  • --hexfile : RISC-V srec file to be simulated.
  • --only_info_load : only load RISC-V binary BFD information. Simulation doesn't start.
  • --debug : Generate debug information.
  • --out : Filename of debug information.
  • --load-dump : Show load binary dump
  • --init_pc : Specify intial program counter address. If not specify, Swimmer autamatically sets PC by reading RISC-V binary.
  • --stop-host : Simulator stops when accessing tohost/fromhost memory address.
  • --use-pk : Specify location of Proxy Kernel.
  • --bit-mode : Bit mode. 32 or 64.
  • --trace-hier : Generate Function call hierarchy.
  • --trace-out : Filename of Functional call hierarchy.
  • --vmlinux : Specify location of vmlinux object. It is for simulate RISC-V Linux.
  • --logstart : Number of instructions that starts to generate simulation log.
  • --printstep : Swimmer generates Step information for each step.
  • --signature : Swimmer generates signature for riscv-torture.

Run single elf program

$ cat test.c
#include <stdio.h>
main () { printf("Hello\n"); }

$ riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc test.c -o test.elf
$ swimmer_riscv --binfile test.elf --use-pk ${RISCV}/riscv64-unknown-elf/bin/pk

Run Linux

Now Swimmer-RISCV supports Linux binary generated by Freedom-U-SDK.

$ swimmer_riscv --binfile freedom-u-sdk/work/riscv-pk/bbl


For Release Build:

cd build
cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Support Status

10 / 402 patterns in riscv-tests are failed now.

Pattern Name Status
rv32mi-p-mcsr Fail
rv32uc-v-rvc Fail
rv32mi-p-illegal Fail
rv32mi-p-breakpoint Fail
rv32mi-p-ma_fetch Fail
rv64uc-v-rvc Fail
rv64mi-p-breakpoint Fail
rv64mi-p-access Fail
rv64mi-p-illegal Fail
rv64mi-p-ma_fetch Fail




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