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The MSYS2 homepage
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MSYS2 Website


This website is written in Markdown and gets built to a static website using mkdocs and a modified version of the mkdocs-material theme. The main branch of this repo is the source branch and any new commits will auto deploy a new build to the master branch using a GitHub action. The master branch is connected to GitHub pages and is reachable under and Changes to the source branch usually take a minute or two until they are live.


For small changes:

  • Just use the online editor on GitHub and use the Markdown preview to inspect your changes
  • Open a PR with your changes in case you don't have commit rights
  • Note: The Markdown dialect and extensions understood by mkdocs and GitHub is slightly different, so double check that the deployed website matches what you expected
  • Note: Every page on the website has a small "edit" icon in the top right corner which leads you straight to the online editor for that page

For larger changes:

  • python3 -m venv _venv
  • source _venv/bin/activate
  • python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python -m mkdocs serve
  • Access - any changes to the sources should be immediately visible in your browser
  • Open a PR with your changes or just push them if you have commit rights
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