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test_description='basic update-index tests
Tests for command-line parsing and basic operation.
. ./
test_expect_success 'update-index --nonsense fails' '
test_must_fail git update-index --nonsense 2>msg &&
cat msg &&
test -s msg
test_expect_success 'update-index --nonsense dumps usage' '
test_expect_code 129 git update-index --nonsense 2>err &&
grep "[Uu]sage: git update-index" err
test_expect_success 'update-index -h with corrupt index' '
mkdir broken &&
cd broken &&
git init &&
>.git/index &&
test_expect_code 129 git update-index -h >usage 2>&1
) &&
grep "[Uu]sage: git update-index" broken/usage
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