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test_description='git svn fetch deleted tag 2'
. ./
test_expect_success 'setup svn repo' '
mkdir -p import/branches &&
mkdir -p import/tags &&
mkdir -p import/trunk/subdir1 &&
mkdir -p import/trunk/subdir2 &&
mkdir -p import/trunk/subdir3 &&
echo "file1" >import/trunk/subdir1/file &&
echo "file2" >import/trunk/subdir2/file &&
echo "file3" >import/trunk/subdir3/file &&
svn_cmd import -m "import for git svn" import "$svnrepo" &&
rm -rf import &&
svn_cmd co "$svnrepo/trunk" svn_project &&
(cd svn_project &&
echo "change1" >>subdir1/file &&
echo "change2" >>subdir2/file &&
echo "change3" >>subdir3/file &&
svn_cmd ci -m "change" .
) &&
svn_cmd cp -m "create mytag 1" -r2 "$svnrepo/trunk/subdir1" "$svnrepo/tags/mytag" &&
svn_cmd rm -m "delete mytag 1" "$svnrepo/tags/mytag" &&
svn_cmd cp -m "create mytag 2" -r2 "$svnrepo/trunk/subdir2" "$svnrepo/tags/mytag" &&
svn_cmd rm -m "delete mytag 2" "$svnrepo/tags/mytag" &&
svn_cmd cp -m "create mytag 3" -r2 "$svnrepo/trunk/subdir3" "$svnrepo/tags/mytag"
test_expect_success 'fetch deleted tags from same revision with no checksum error' '
git svn init --stdlayout "$svnrepo" git_project &&
cd git_project &&
git svn fetch &&
git diff --exit-code master:subdir3/file tags/mytag:file &&
git diff --exit-code master:subdir2/file tags/mytag^:file &&
git diff --exit-code master:subdir1/file tags/mytag^^:file
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