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  gitk: Add Russian translation
  gitk: Fix compare-commits function when we have local changes
  gitk: Avoid crash if closed while reading references
  gitk: Handle external diff tool with spaces in the path
  gitk: Remember and restore the window state with the geometry
  gitk: Map KP_Divide to focus the search box
  gitk: Mark some more strings for translation
  gitk: Mark forgotten string for translation
  gitk: Make .gitk a hidden file under windows
  gitk: Add a command to compare two strings of commits
  gitk: Add a way to mark a commit, plus a "find descendant" command
  gitk: Fixes for Mac OS X TkAqua
  gitk: Provide a 32x32 window icon based on the git logo
  gitk: Provide a window icon if possible
  gitk: Handle blobs containing a DOS end-of-file marker
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2 parents 6ffd567 + ad7ef5b commit 75b44066f3ed7cde238cdea1f0bf9e2f1744c820 @gitster gitster committed May 1, 2009
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